Our high definition lace systems are closure and frontal products used with a softer and higher quality of lace for an even more invisible look! This new type of lace has been given many different names including 'Illusion Lace, Film Lace, HD' and much more. This lace system is much thinner and more delicate than our standard lace and is designed for occasional use for a seamless and undetectable install.

Just like our standard lace you can colour match your lace with makeup / lace tints  to fit your skin tone although the need for this is absolutely minimal with this type of lace. 

By the information above, we can conclude some different points about HD lace vs transparent lace. In general, the functions of them are similar, but the material is distinctive. That leads to the HD Lace is somehow outweighing the transparent lace as it can provide a realistic scalp without dyeing the lace. Hence, the price of HD lace is slightly higher than the normal one.

Our HD Thin Lace also come in different lace shades and parting options ranging from Transparent to Dark brown and middle parts to three-part closures!