Length Chart

We know it can sometimes be tricky finding the perfect length for a particular style so we've created this handy chart as a great starting point to help you visualise it better!
Although remember, a certain length can look differently from person to person, as we all have different heights and proportions.  Also, our straight and curly textures are measured to their stretched lengths. 
Layering hair extensions vs Same length hair extensions
You may prefer a tapered look for a more natural look - meaning your overall style if fuller from the top and naturally thins out towards the bottom in density. For such a look, we would recommend choosing lengths following a sequence such as 10"-12"-14" or 22"-24"-26"-28". With this option, typically your stylist will install your shortest bundle at the crown of your head and the longest bundle at the nape of your head.
You may alternatively decide to go for a fuller look from top to bottom and we would recommend same lengths within your purchase such as 20"-20"-20" or 32"-32"-32"-32". Such stiles will give you more of a blunt cut style.