Different Types of Hair Bundles: Understanding SD, DD, and SDD

 When shopping for hair extensions, it is important to know the different types of hair bundles available. Here we explain the differences between Single Drawn (SD), Double Drawn (DD), and Super Double Drawn (SDD) hair bundles.

Single Drawn (SD) Bundles

Single Drawn hair means the extensions contain multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions, resulting in hair that is thickest at the top, tapers at the middle and is thinner on the ends. SD bundles consist of 50% longest length hair and 50% shorter length hair. For example, a 20″ bundle will have 50% 20″ hair, 25% 18″-16″ hair, and 25% 16″-14″ hair. This results in a thinner bundle.

Double Drawn (DD) Bundles

Double drawn hair contains a bigger percentage of single hairs that are all the same length making the piece of hair thicker and fuller from top to bottom. DD bundles consist of 70% longest length hair and 30% shorter length hair. For example, a 20″ bundle will have 70% 20″ hair, 20% 18″-16″ hair, and 10% 16″-14″ hair. This results in a medium-full bundle.

Super Double Drawn (SDD) Bundles

SDD bundles consist of 90% longest length hair and 10% shorter length hair. For example, a 20″ bundle will have 90% 20″ hair, 5% 18″ hair, and 5% 16″ hair. This results in a very full bundle.



Our Brazilian hair is used diversely because of its softness, durability and density. This texture is easiest to blend with most ethnicities from Caucasian textures to African American textures. Our hair is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. Its lustre is low to medium. Because of its density, it is less likely to frizz and will also hold curls longer than most textures. This hair is extremely versatile - It’s amazing! 


Our Peruvian Hair is the ultimate multi-purpose hair! It's extremely soft and silky! This hair more coarse in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair and its lustre is medium. It blends extremely well with Afro-Caribbean relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. This hair is luxurious and one of our top favourites.


Indian hairs are very fine in density. It's naturally airy, light and bouncy and can easily be curled and styled. Indian hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. Its lustre is medium to high and also blends well with most hair textures. This hair texture can be found ranging from silky to slightly coarse. 


Vietnamese hair is super smoother and silk. These hair strands are very dense and thick leaving so much body and fullness to your raw hair.  Perfect for bone straight styles with a natural shiney lustre. 


​The texture of Burmese hair is similar to a mixture between Indian and Chinese hair. It has a naturally coarse texture, with a low to medium luster; in thus making it ideal to blend perfectly with your natural hair.


Our double drawn raw Cambodian bundles slightly more coarse than the other origins but at the same time super lightweight and has a low to medium shine. It holds a curl and styles very well and blends very naturally with all hair types.