Want the hairline, minus the high maintenance?

Measuring pleasantly bigger than its predecessors, Mini Frontals are now the in thing! Simply put, #minifrontals are the larger sized lace closures which offer a more comfortable, convenient and easy care way for ladies to experience a wider range of looks whilst offering extra versatility with hairstyles unlike smaller closures systems.

" Who wouldn't love a bigger parting space?!"

Size is the most obvious difference between a standard closure and a frontal system. A standard 2x6" / 4x4" closure would not reach as far across hairline in width as a frontal would, but they do make a classic middle parting! On the other end of the spectrum, we have our frontals which measure at least ear to ear in width giving you all the hairline you could ask for!

Mini Frontals are lace closures sized 5x5", 6x6" and 7x7" in dimension. These bigger closures eliminate the mandatory requirement for adhesives as you would need for a seamless Frontal / Full Lace installation. On the over hand, in comparison to standard closures, Mini Frontals will give you greater choice with your parting options in one installation with an added touch of hairline realism.

We all know that girl who gives us Middle Parting Mondays, Side Parting Saturdays, and Free Part Sundays.

More added benefits include less of your natural hair being exposed as the lace covers a bigger amount of space (making this another great protective hairstyle) and did we mention bigger parting space

Get the best of both worlds with this amazing in between option as it gives you the luxury of wearing a 'frontal' with the comfort and convenience of a lace 'closure'. Before we forget, our Mini Frontals are also available in HD THIN LACE and 613 options too! 

#HVTIP - This wig style is great for beginners and less maintenance is required in comparison to 13x4, 13x6, 360 or Full lace systems. Check out our Lace Size Chart for a full breakdown of all closure and frontal sizes available!

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